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Steve Basile has been in the personal training business since 1978. Using his extensive knowledge and experience, he has developed a unique philosophy and methodology of personal fitness that sets him apart from his competition.

Basile’s Top Shape One-to-One Fitness program includes weight resistance training, which promotes increased strength, reduction of body fat, and greatly increased energy levels. The program also includes cardiovascular exercises, which lead to increased muscular endurance and improved overall fitness levels. The last element of the program is a series of advanced stretching techniques, which promote increased muscular flexibility and joint mobility.

Basile is a native of New York City. At age 12, he became interested in weight training and began working out regularly. His high school involvement in wrestling, football, and weightlifting earned him a scholarship to Hofstra University, where he wrestled and played football. During college, he also earned a national bodybuilding title. Steve received his undergraduate degree in Exercise Physiology.

Basile began his career in personal training working at a gym on Long Island. He quickly earned a reputation as a highly effective trainer while working privately with high-profile celebrities and professional athletes. Increased demand for his services prompted Steve to open his own business in the 1980’s. Body By Basile was hugely successful, and Steve expanded the business three times through 1990.

In 1990, ready for new challenges, Steve sold his thriving business in New York City and moved to Greenville, SC, where he opened Top Shape¬†in November, 1990. Due to Top Shape’s overwhelmingly positive reputation, Steve decided to open a Top Shape studio in Charleston, SC. He has owned and operated the East Bay Street location of Top Shape since May, 2004.

Each of Top Shape’s personal trainers applies Steve’s unique One-to-One Fitness program.